Locating Orlando Water & Slab Leaks, Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Many Central Florida home and business owners are finding themselves with aging water pipes. Unfortunately, corroding pipes and leaks are just about inevitable. While there is never just a small water leak, hidden water leaks can not only ends up waste a great deal of water, which costs money, but the repair bill for the damages is typically significant.

Slab leaks can be especially tricky

Locating Orlando Water & Slab Leaks, Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(2)Because slab leaks originate under a concrete foundation, they are particularly difficult to recognize there is a problem. Without the right equipment, a water leak under a slab can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

It is important to find a slab leak before there the damage becomes serious. Be mindful of these signs of a slab leak.

Damage to the Foundation

Foundations are usually made from concrete slab with steel supports. When pipes under a slab start to leak, they can compromise the integrity of the entire structure, causing the foundation to crack, move and even rise up. The water from a slab leak will eventually end up in your home, destroying carpets, hardwood floors, tiles and walls.

Mold and Mildew

When there is unwanted water in your home, mold is a dangerous threat! Drywall absorbs the water like a sponge; it only takes a few days for the mold spores to grow. Only a specialist can safely remove mold, it doesn't take long for it to cause asthma, upper respiratory infections and other ailments.

High Water Bills

Slow drips can cost about $10.00 a month on your utility bill, while a steady stream can cost about $50.00 a month and a slab leak can end up costing hundreds of dollars every month. The sooner you address them the less they will end up costing.

Odors and Yard Damage

Musty odors start to develop if leaks are left unattended. If the leak is under the ground between your home and the main water line it can destroy landscaping or damage the pool structure.

Detecting the leak is the first step in repairing them

Thanks to today's technology, leaks can be detected just about anywhere. Professional leak detectors can locate leaks under concrete slabs, under the bathtub and outside under the big oak tree, with minimum disruption and without ripping anything up.

The Leak Doctor specializes in detecting slab leaks in homes and business. We also help you find the source of damp or wet spots on your walls, ceilings and other areas of your structure. By using advanced thermal imaging equipment and other electronic equipment we can help zero in on the source of the water intrusion, even if its three floors away from the water stain.

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