The Affordable Way to Locating & Repair Orlando Water & Plumbing Leaks

You just got home from work, it is another hot day in Central Florida, you walk in the door, sit down and open the mail.

The Affordable Way to Locating & Repair Orlando Water & Plumbing Leaks - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(8)Besides all the junk mail, you got the water bill. You expect to see the same amount you pay every month, but you notice the bill has tripled!  You think, you haven’t used any more water than normal.

You call the utility company, because it must be a mistake. After being on hold for an unusual amount of time, the operator checks and says the numbers are right.  Then she informs you, ‘Maybe you have a water leak’.

Ugh, now what?

You check under the sinks, the bathrooms, the hose outside, but nothing. You even check the water meter outside, it keeps spinning, even after you double check to see if all the water was off in the house.

What is your next step?

You may think, How much damage can a little water leak do anyway?

The fact is, water leaks can be pretty costly!  

Causing damage to the flooring and walls

Weaken the integrity of your house

Encourage pest infestation

Dangerous mold growth

High water bills

Wasting precious water

The earlier you detect a water leak the better!

Detecting water leaks on your own isn't always as easy as you may think.  After you check all the exposed pipes and not finding anything, look for any signs of mold or the sound of running water when everything using water is turned off.

Other signs of a leak include, slow drains, discolored water, unpleasant or musty odors, low water pressure, warm areas on the floor, corrosive build up around water figures, and wet areas in the yard.

You may be tempted to contact a plumber, but they typically don't have the equipment to locate leaks without digging up your property.

Save time and money by contacting the Leak Doctor.

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