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Most Central Florida residences would be surprised to find out how much water they are wasting everyday due to leaky water pipes. Just a pinhole leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water in just a month. A larger leak can lose several thousand gallons in just a few weeks.  Which waste money and water!

Orange, Seminole, Kissimmee, Brevard, Affordable Water Leak Inspections - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(9)Having a leak can be a frightening experience.

Whether it’s a hissing sound that can be heard throughout your home, wet carpet, a water meter spinning out of control, wooden floor buckling, tiles popping up, stained baseboards, or perhaps you just received a large water bill.

Don’t fret, knowledge is your best weapon to successfully address your hidden leak problem.

While a bursting water pipes can be one impressive show, the slow drip behind a wall or under a concrete slab can go unnoticed for weeks or even months. Encouraging the growth of mold tenfold.

The Leak Doctor uses the latest leak detection technology, including frequency sensitive computers, specialized listening equipment, ground probes and other state-of-the-art electronic devices to find water leaks. Which is the most cost-effective ways to find the source of your leak and quickly fix it. whether it is between walls, under concrete slab, even one several floors away from the damage.

Infrared technology has become a great tool for detecting the slightest temperature in water. Locating the source of a leak without tearing into walls or floors.

Stop Wasting Money and Water

There isa  certain responsibility that comes with home ownership. One of which is routinely examining your water pipes for leaks. Unfortunately, this typically gets put on the back burner.  When it comes to they safety of your home and family, it is ‘Better Safe than Sorry’.  Which is why the Leak Doctor offers affordable home inspection. Not only do we detect plumbing pipe problems, keep them from escalating, and prevent future water leaks from happening.

Start saving money by contact the Leak Doctor.

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The Leak Doctor can find your leak and fix it fast!
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