Orlando's Corroded Pipes, Water Leaks & Clean Drinking Water

Deteriorating pipes and plumbing leaks can put your water at risk. The internationally recognized report, “Water Main Breaks in the USA and Canada: A Comprehensive Study,” authored by Dr. Steven Folkman of Utah State University, reveals the very serious issue of pipe corrosion and underground pipe failures. 

Corrosion starts as soon as the pipes are used. The problem has grown significantly in the last decade. Not only reducing the life expectancy of your plumbing pipes, but also putting your quality of water at risk. 

You And Your Family Deserve Clean Drinking Water 

Orlando's Corroded Pipes, Water Leaks & Clean Drinking Water - Water Leak Detection Blog - Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 2(5)A major contributor to the corrosion of your pipes is the chemistry of your water. Low pH is a common problem in the drinking water here in Central Florida. Water with a low pH is associated with being high oxygenated. Hot water tends to have more oxygen, causing oxidation. 

This combined with the minerals found in water, leads to corrosion. Pits are formed in the interior of the pipes, thinning and breaking down walls. Eventually, it leads to pinhole leaks and pipe failure. It is more common than you think, it just takes a small amount of water to cause major damage. 

Both metal and non-metal pipes fall victim of corrosion. Which causes a build-up of corrosion on the inside of the pipes. Microorganisms and chemoautotrophs can grow out of control, leading to bacterial corrosion. 

Corrosion can also line the walls of the pipes till it restricts the flow of water. Causing low water pressure and slow drains. 

Other signs of corrosion include water with a metallic odor, discolored water, unpleasant taste, and either dirt or small pieces of metal in the water. 

Detecting and repairing water leaks, means you save water, money, prevents costly damage and illnesses.

Most Central Florida homeowners are unaware they even have a water leak, until it is too late and the damage is done. Whether it is a busted pipe or a pinhole water leak caused by aging pipes, if the source of the leak is not located in a timely manner, the repair cost could be devastating.

If you suspect a water intrusion, contact the Leak Doctor for an affordable solution.

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