Preventing Water & Plumbing Leaks Is Easier Than You Think!

A small leak that goes unnoticed can quickly become a big problem. Just a little bit of water can cause mold to grow and cause extensive damage to your home, property, and belongings. Luckily, many leaks can be easily prevented with just a few easy steps.

If you notice any water damage in your home and not able to locate the source, it is important to contact the Leak Doctor. Our advanced technology allows us to locate the hardest to locate water leaks with minimum disruption.

Preventing Water & Plumbing Leaks Is Easier Than You Think! - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - iStock_000011608079_SmallDrains and Pipes

Leaking and clogged water and sewer pipes can be a serious problem for both the health of your family and property damage. The easiest place to find a water leak is to monitor your water bill and meter.  A higher than normal water bill is a good indication you have a water leak. With all water using appliances and faucets turned off in the home, check the water meter outside. It should not be registering, if it is, you probably have a leak. 


Toilets are the cause of many situations. Even a small leak in the supply line can cause significant damage. Open the lid to the toilet and put in a few drops of food coloring, in a few minutes check the bowl of the toilet. There shouldn’t be any color, if there is, you have a leak. 

Slab leaks 

Water leaks that occur in the plumbing pipes under a home’s or business’s foundation are called slab leaks. They can be caused by several factors, high pressure, chemical make up of the water, improper construction, corrosion, changes in the soil, weather, and rodents.  Slab leaks can raise your water bill and cause warm areas on the floor. You also may hear the sound of running water when everything is turned off. 

Today’s technology allows an experienced leak technician to locate the leak in a nondestructive manner, saving the property owner hundreds of dollars in exploratory repairs alone. Many plumbing  companies do not have the necessary equipment or experience to locate leaks accurately and quickly, hence they resort to destructive methods of searching for the leak, by making holes, cutting walls, and more.

Since 1993, the Leak Doctor has helped property owners, managers and plumbing professionals locate leaks in their pools, plumbing, irrigation and structural systems. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your leak detection needs. Call us today at to schedule your service call.

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