What Happens If You Ignore Leaks In Your Home?

Leaks Can Cause Expensive Home Damage

A water leak in your home can be a cause for alarm, and for good reason. A leak generally means that one of your critical home systems has developed a problem. Paying for the large water bill is only the first expense. The moisture associated with a leak can affect other systems in your home, causing damage that can be expensive and time-consuming to repair. The high cost of repairs for water leaks is why plumbing experts recommend you consult with an experienced contractor as soon as you discover a leak, to minimize the damage.

Causes of Common Leaks

Home water leaks can be caused by a number of problems. Toilet leaks are a common issue, when the toilet becomes loosened from its seating, or when the water lines to the toilet become loose and leave a pool of water under the unit. Pipes under sinks can become loose or may become damaged, causing leaks and water damage to the floor or cabinet underneath the sink. Water lines to refrigerators or other devices can loosen or degrade, producing moisture problems. In some cases, pipes in walls that are not secured can sustain damage during normal use, leading to water leaks within the walls.

Finding the Source of the Leak

Some leaks are obvious. You may be able to detect moisture on the floor or under a sink that reveals the source of the problem. However, at other times, a leak may develop in a pipe that’s deep within the wall, or it may come from a source somewhat further down the line. In these cases, you may require the help of a professional who has the required equipment to detect these hidden leaks.

Call A Professional To Help With Damaging Leak Problems

A plumbing leak can lead to mold problems, unpleasant odors, and rotting of flooring, ceilings and walls. Your local contractor can help determine the source of your leak and make the appropriate repairs to ensure that it does not cause expensive damage to your home’s construction materials.

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