Clever Ways to Detect and Repair Plumbing & Water Leaks in Central Florida

Water leaks not only waste water, they can cause significant damage to any home. It is important to promptly detect and repair them. Unfortunately, plumbing leaks aren’t always obvious, they can be hidden between the walls and under concrete slabs, making them difficult to locate. Wasted water means wasted money. Over the past 15 years, it is estimated the cost of water has increased by 200%.

Clever Ways to Detect and Repair Plumbing & Water Leaks in Central Florida - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 9(1)A Few Simple Tips to Find Undetected Water Leaks

Use Food Color to Find Leaks in the Toilet

Leaks in the toilet tend to waste the largest amount of water and be the most difficult to detect. Water leaking from the tank into the bowl, is constantly running. A slow leak can calculate to 30 gallons a day wasted, a medium leak about 250 gallons, and a large leak 4,000 gallons.

To test your toilet for leaks, place 6 drops of food coloring into the tank of the toilet. Don’t flush. Wait a few minutes. If there is color in the toilet bowl, you have a leak.

Check the Water Meter

The water meter is a good way to detect a leak. Typically, meters are located in the front of the property. They keep track of how much water is used in the home. Choose a time when there won't be any water being used on the. property. Write down the number registering on the meter. Wait a couple hours without using any water and read the meter again.  If the numbers are not the same, you may have a leak..

Thermography technology

Similar to an infrared cameras, thermography technology reflects heat an object emits, identifying the smallest temperature differences. If you suspect a water leak behind a wall, instead of cutting into it, just point the camera at the wall.  The water from a leak is cooler and will appear on the camera. This way there won't be any needless destruction or expense.

Be Proactive and Save Money

If you suspect a water leak or have older pipes and fixtures, take some time and inspect them. If you're not able to locate anything, it may be time to call a professional.

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Central Florida Water and Plumbing Leak Detection

Home and business owners in the Orlando area have a lot to think about, theft, fire, and weather damage, are just a few. The big threat luring on their property is easily overlooked, water leaks! Water enters our home through pipes and flows...

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