What Happens During a Septic Inspection?

If you use a septic system and start smelling the odor of human waste around your house, you’ll need to get the septic system inspected to find out where the odor is coming from. A professional septic system repair service will inspect the three major components of a septic system to find out why you are smelling the odor.


An inspection will be done if the pipes running from your house to the septic tank. The pipes are typically made out of a plastic called PVC. If something heavy runs over the pipes in the yard, they can crack and develop leaks. The leaks will saturate the ground around the break with waste water. An inspector will dig down to the pipe to check for cracks or to see if the connections hold the sections of pipes together have separated.

Septic Tank

Sludge can build up in a septic tank and cause the system to back up. An inspector will take the cover off of the tank and look inside. If there is a lot of sludge, it will get pumped out. An internal inspection of the tank will then take place. The inspector will look at two things: they will make sure the tank is not cracked and they will check to make sure the baffle inside the tank is in good shape. The baffle separates the main holding tank where the sludge is located from the side of the tank where the waste water spills out into the leach field. If the baffle is deteriorated, it will allow untreated waste to flow into the yard.

Leach Field

The leach field is made up of a series of pipes. If the pipes get broken, or the pipes become clogged with sludge, the leach field will fail to work properly. This will cause the human waste flow up and puddle throughout the yard. An inspector will walk around the leech field looking for puddles of human waste water to find breaks and clogs.

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