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Premier Leak Detection Services for Florida and Atlanta, Georgia


We Are Not Your Ordinary Leak Detection Company!


Congratulations, you have found the Genuine Leak Doctor! Welcome to our official homepage. The Leak Doctor, Inc. provides leak detection, leak monitoring and water management. We work in both homes and businesses, using the latest technological innovations and first-rate scientific equipment.  

First Aid From The Leak Doctor:  Emergency Leak?  If you cannot find the source of your leak, do not hesitate to call immediately. Speak to a live person seven days a week at our toll free number:  855-453-2537. With our expert technology, The Leak Doctor’s skilled technicians can identify the source of a leak before water damage costs you extensive loss of time, property and money.


The Leak Doctor is often imitated, but our quality, technology, and trained personnel can not be duplicated. Since 1993 we have established Florida’s gold standard in leak detection and water management for both residential and commercial properties. The Leak Doctor is central Florida’s most trusted solution for locating concealed leaks. Our referrals, testimonials and client lists prove it.

The owners, staff and technicians at the authentic Leak Doctor, Inc. cherish the three “R’s:”  Maximum READINESS, Speedy  RESPONSE, and RELIABLE Service.


Should you call us?

Below are some leak scenarios we solve on a regular basis.

  1. Is there a mysterious damp spot on the wall, the floor, the ceiling? Have you discovered a puddle, but you can not find the gushing, dribbling or leaking pipe? Call the Leak Doctor immediately.
  2. Are you thinking of renting a jackhammer and a trencher to find a suspected leaking pipe? Stop. Call the Leak Doctor. We eliminate the guesswork and minimize the damage.
  3. Is unexplained, wasted water breaking your budget? The water company has checked and your meter is fine, but your water bills are disturbingly high. Our business is the identification and location of the leak that is costing you money.
  4. Are you hearing the streaming or gurgling sound of uncontrolled water? Turn off every faucet. Listen quietly. Do you still hear water running? 
    CALL THE LEAK DOCTOR ... 407-426-9995


Our Focus Is Integrity

Our estimates are given before each phase of our work is begun. We provide the repair teams - yours or ours - with accurate information to locate the leak with minimal damage to your property. We believe “early detection is your best protection:”  Read about the authentic Leak Doctor’s “21st Century Leak B.A.N. Plan” on our Services Page.


The Leak Doctor likes to re-phrase an old saying. “Good Leak Detection is not expensive. It’s priceless.” Why? Find out more on this website.

House calls blog

The benefits of ‘Spike Tracking’ are to catch sudden jumps in water consumption, by monitoring your usage they are easily noticed. A spike in your water bill indicates something is amiss, catching the problem quickly, whether it’s from a leaking pipe or a billing error, can save you money and frustration. The Leak Doctor has […]


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Dear Gwen,

At our Tampa Hotel your team quickly identified the root cause of our water use problems which resulted in 24% less water use..

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Dear Mr Surry,

Service like these two (employees) represent is rare in business these days .. You can be certain that I will continue to use your services ...

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My swimming pool has been losing water for about a year.... I decided to call a professional. A coworker suggested Leak Doctor. The service technician arrived a few minutes early and was ready to get working and find the leak...There was a leak in the "return pipe" below the pool deck....

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