Why Have Your Orlando Plumbing & Water Leaks Repaired?

Many Central Florida residential home and business owners will experience a water leak at some point. It is crucial to have the leak detected and repaired properly for the integrity of the building.

Today’s technology allows an experienced leak technician to locate the leak in a nondestructive manner, saving  hundreds of dollars in exploratory repairs alone. Many service companies do not have the necessary equipment or experience to locate leaks accurately and quickly, hence they resort to destructive methods of searching for the leak, by making holes, cutting through walls, and more.

Here are just a few of the many criteria that you should consider for your next leak detection company:

Why Have Your Orlando Plumbing & Water Leaks Repaired? - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(16)• Experience: How long have they been in business providing leak detection service? Are they the company that the plumbing professionals would turn to if they have a problem finding it? Do they have the capability to identify whether the problem is plumbing supply, structure or septic? Are they licensed?

• Equipment: Make sure the company has a well rounded selection of equipment to locate the leak quickly with minimum damage to your property. Simply using a stethoscope to the floor is not leak detection today. Do they have electronic detectors, video inspection cameras for sewers and drains, can they find leaks in walls and ceilings, under slabs and underground; do they do pools and irrigation system leaks? Each job type requires different equipment and training.

• Resources: Are they involved in associations for the research and advancement of leak detection techniques and equipment? Do they work with the utility company and provide assistance to you if needed?

• Price: Do they give you a flat-rate upfront price, an hourly rate, or a really low price that will get them in the door and later the price increases once the job is started? Reputable firms can give you an upfront non-biased flat-fee for the cost of leak detection for residential properties without offering to sell you services you may not need.

The Leak Doctor has been a leader in the industry for decades, detecting the most difficult water leaks under concrete slab foundations, under the ground, behind walls, and anywhere else imaginable. We take pride in offering cost effective solutions, our professional technicians inspect the property, detect any water leaks, and itemize the repairs, all in a timely manner. Contact the Leak Doctor today!

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