Why Do My Orlando Water Pipes Leak? What Can I Do About It?

Whether it is old corroded pipes, lack of maintenance, poor installation, mechanical damage, or a combination of these factors, they can all cause a water leak on your property, it is of the utmost importance to locate the leak and have it repaired. 

Why Do My Orlando Water Pipes Leak? What Can I Do About It? - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(1)A great number of undetected water leaks occur in the supply line. Underground, between the water meter and your home or under the foundation of the home, in the concrete slab. 

Though, it was once assumed a water leak would eventually show up one way or another, that isn’t always the case.  Many of them remain undetected, wasting money on high utility bills and our natural resource, not to mention the damage behind the scenes.

An underground water leak can happen when you drive over the pipe, used heavy equipment in the yard, minerals in the water corrode the pipes from the inside, the cold nights and warm days contract and expand the pipes causing pinhole leaks, and poor installation, these are just a few reasons why a pipe can leak. Let's face it, pipes don't last forever.

The water that is being lost has already been treated and delivered to your home. Which means you are paying for the water, though you never even use it. This cost can really add up!

Having your home inspected for water leaks can save money!

There are many benefits of having your home or business inspected for water leaks.

The possibility of water contamination is drastically reduced

The efficiency of the day to day operations is improved

The potential for property damage is minimized

The water bill is significantly reduced

Add value to your property.

How to locate a water leak under the ground or concrete slab?

Leak Doctor uses cutting edge technology that combines equipment and techniques developed in-house, such as ultrasound, endoscopic video, and thermography, as well as the best training available. Equally important is the experience of our technicians, who receive continuous hands-on training at our state-of-the-art training facility.

Contact the Leak Doctor for more information and to make an appointment.

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