Orlando Plumbing; How to tell if you have a water leak

Water and plumbing leaks may start out as small issues, but they can quickly turn into big problems, especially if they go unnoticed. Mold, electrical risks, water and structural damage, are just a few complications you may encounter. 

Higher than usual water bills, slow drains, musty odors, noticeable drop in water pressure, the sound of water running when all plumbing appliances are turned off, warm areas on the floor, rusty or dirty water, are just a few signs of a water leak. 

The exact location of a water leak is not always easy to locate, since most of the plumbing pipes are hidden behind the scenes. 

Protect your home and business with these common causes of water leaks 

Clogged or slow drains

More than just annoying, clogged or slow drains can be a sign of a bigger problem. They put extra pressure on your pipes, causing pinhole leaks. 

Weak pipe joints

Pipes are prone to leaking where they connect together. Listen for any odd sounds coming from your pipes, banging or ticking when you use the water. 

Temperature fluctuations

Extreme fluctuations in temperature cause pipes to contract and expand more aggressively than normal. This can cause them to crack, especially in more vulnerable areas. 

High water pressure

While pipes are designed to withstand some pressure, extreme pressure can cause unwanted damage. 


Corrosion is just part of the aging process when it comes to water pipes. Over time, this corrosion cause pinhole leaks behind walls, underneath concrete slabs, and underground.

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