Orlando & Atlanta Residents; High Water Bill? Easy Solutions

It can be overwhelming to get a higher than normal water bill. What do you do? There are a few things you can do to solve the problem. 

Orlando & Atlanta Residents; High Water Bill? Easy Solutions - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(12)Check Your Water Meter 

It might look a bit complicated at first glance; however, once you understand how to read it, you'll be able to better monitor your household's water usage. Keep in mind, they don't reset it each month, so if you want to track monthly usage, you must compare it at the end of each month. 

 Remove the cover

If your water meter is typically in front of your home, near the street. It is protected by a concrete box, you'll need to remove the cover using a screwdriver. Slide the tip of the screwdriver into one of the small holes on the lid and pry it up until you're able to open it the rest of the way with your fingers. If you have a cap over the meter, you'll need to lift the cap. 

Reading the meter

The next step to reading the meter is to actually read it. On the front of the meter, you'll notice a large dial that has a group of numbers, which are used to track the amount of water you used since your last meter reading. When you read the odometer, the last two numbers represent the tens and ones place. They're usually written in white with a black background.

A small gear or triangle-shaped dial will appear on the face of the meter. It's an indication light to alert you if there is a suspected leak in the lines. The only way you'll be able to detect a leak is to shut off the water and notice if the dial continues to move, even when the water isn't on.

Test for Leaks 

More often than not, a water leak is the reason for your increased water bill. Check all exposed pipes in your home, located under sinks or outside, for any leaks. 

Next, turn off all water in the home, including appliances, and record the reading on the water meter. Wait for about an hour, don’t use any water during this time. After the hour, read the meter again. If there is a difference, you have a water leak. 

How The Leak Doctor Can Help

The leak may be hidden in your home, under the concrete slab, behind a wall, or under the ground.  Instead of needlessly damaging your home by cutting into walls looking for the leak. The Leak Doctor has state of the art equipment that can detect the location of the water leak without any destruction to your property, saving you money.

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