How To Find Water Leaks In Your Orlando Area Home

They may seem trivial, but even a small water leak can cause big problems. If a water leak is allowed to go undetected, they can cause significant damage, mold growth, serious foundation issues, and other problems. 

Pinpointing a water leak in your home 

If you suspect your plumbing system has a leak, follow these steps. 

1. Turn off the main water supply to the home. This will stop all the water usage in the home, make sure all water dependent appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machines are turned off. 

2. Locate your water meter, it is usually in the front of your yard, near the street. 

3. Check the water meter, write down the current reading.

4. Without using any water in the home, wait for a couple hours. 

5. Then read the meter again. If the reading changed from the original reading, you have a leak. 

Where is my water leak?

Since most of the plumbing pipes are located behind walls and under the ground, it can be difficult to locate without the proper equipment. Follow these steps to determine if the water leak is inside your home or outside. 

1 Use the main valve in your home to turn off the water supply. This is typically located in the garage or just outside your home. 

2. Check the water meter. It should not be moving or registering, if it continues to move, you may have a leak outside your home. Common places include the sprinkler system, service lines, or in the pipes between the meter and your home.  If the meter did not register when you turned off the main water supply valve, the leak is inside your home. 

3. If the leak is outdoors, check the plumbing fixtures in the yard, sprinkler heads, irrigation tubing, and any unexplainable puddles. 

4. If the leak is inside your home, look for any mold or musty odor. Check under the faucets, under the cabinets for any water damage, and look for warm areas on the floor. Check the toilets by putting a few drops of food color in the tank, wait about 30 minutes, then check to see if the color leaked into the toilet bowl, if it does, there is a leak. 

What should you do next?

It is always a good to know how much water you use every month. If your consumptions suddenly goes up, you will know you have a leak. 

If you suspect a water leak, contact the professionals at The Leak Doctor. We have the right equipment to find the hardest to locate water leaks. 

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