How To Find a Hidden Plumbing/Water Leak in Atlanta

Atlanta water leaks are known for being sneaky. If left unnoticed, they can easily become big problems. If not located and repaired in a timely manner, you are at risk for mold, mildew, health problems, and structural damage. Not to mention the repair cost!

Sure, there are a few warning signs, a higher than usual water bill, change in the flow of water, and musty odors. But how are you suppose to find a water leak if it's hidden behind a wall or under the floor?

Clogged Drains

Inconvenient and frustrating, but clogged drains can also damage the inside of your plumbing pipes. Be mindful of the chemical drain cleaners down the drain, they can also cause damage. 

How To Find a Hidden Plumbing/Water Leak in Atlanta - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(21)Weak Pipe Joints

Areas where pipes connect together are prone to corrosion, leading to damage and leaks. Listen for any noise, banging or ticking from your pipes. 

Temperature Fluctuations

When the temperature changes pipes expand and contract. Especially drastic changes, such as our cold nights and warm afternoons. It causes pipes to crack and have small leaks. 

High Water Pressure 

Excessive water pressure puts stress on your plumbing pipes. This also causes pinhole leaks. 

Corrosive Water

Both the age of your pipes and the chemical make-up of your water can both cause your pipes to corrode from the inside out. 

Trees in Your Yard 

Those beautiful trees can wreck havoc on your water lines. Be on the look out for holes or unexplained wet areas in your yard. 

It can be difficult to know where a hidden leak is located on your property. The Leak Doctor provides fast and non-invasive leak detection and repair services at an affordable price!

If you suspect a water leak, the Leak Doctor can locate the leak and minimize the repair costs. 

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