Cost Effective Water & Plumbing Leak Solutions

Unfortunately, the source of most plumbing and water leaks can't be seen with the naked eye! Which is why so many home and business owners in the Orlando, Florida rely on the Leak Doctor to locate and repair the leak in a timely and cost-effective manner.

One of the sneakiest and more serious water leaks that can pop up just about anywhere in a home or business with a concrete slab foundation. What are the red flag indicators of a slab? Water bills higher than usual, warm or damp areas on the floor and lower than normal water pressure.

Instead of tearing into the expensive flooring, shower, bathtub or kitchen, the Leak Doctor uses advanced technology and equipment to locate the leak and repair it with the least amount of invasiveness and expensive.

Slab leaks can lead to structural integrity and be detrimental to a home or business leading to mold and the perfect nesting ground for termites.

If you're in need of a leak detection company make you're using an experienced plumbing service to ensure accuracy, high quality, quick service, affordable and technicians who are able to give tips, advice and course of action that can be taken on similar situations to avoid costly repairs and insurance claims.

The Leak Doctor makes it our business to save you time and money by providing the best and cost-effective solution for all your plumbing leaks. The Leak Doctor strives for quality performance with electronically generated reports, clearly written with all the details, available within 24 hours. Photographs taken before and after for documentation and communication with the adjuster while on the job site about the findings.

The Leak Doctor has core values you can count on.  Whether you're an insurance professional or a home owner looking for the most efficient service, the Leak Doctor is just a phone call away.

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The Leak Doctor can find your leak and fix it fast!
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