Choosing a Plumbing or Water Leak Detection Company

The Leak Doctor is helping Central Florida residents cut through the chaos by saving time, locating water/plumbing leaks minimal invasiveness, and cost effective repair solutions saving you money! 

Find It

Our leak technicians utilize our consistent methodology and advance equipment for locating water leaks fast and accurately.

Quick response time helps to minimize damage.

Highly trained technicians 

Utilize state of the art equipment 

Identify the type of water leak and origin

Survey the property to determine extent of damage 

Perform a leak detection survey to pinpoint source of the leak 

Detect water leaks under slabs and in walls 

Urgent response to calls 

Non-invasive water leak detection 

Fix It 

As a licensed plumbing company we can stop the leak at its source. We are able to access the leak and make the necessary repair to prevent further damage to the property 

State Certified Licensed Plumbing Company CFC1426061

Reduction of restoration costs by minimizing tear out 

Provide expert sensible repairs for supply line leaks with focus on minimal property damage. 

Provide insurance adjusters repair options geared towards decreasing restoration costs. 

Information or resolution to access and repair the water leak 

Stop the leak fast! 

Report It 

We also have electronically generated reports available for you and your insurance company.  These reports are beneficial in determining loss coverage and accurate cost estimates that may affect total claim payout. 

Communicate findings with adjuster while at the job site

Reporting of critical data in a user friendly format 

Electronic format for easy storage 

Photographs of loss for documentation before and after

Clearly written and detailed reports 

Able to view from PCs, tablets, and smart phones

Contact the Leak Doctor for an appointment or more information 



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The Leak Doctor can find your leak and fix it fast!
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