Atlanta Plumbing Leaks; What's The Worst Thing For Water Pipes?

Most of us don’t really think about our plumbing system, that is until there is a water leak. You may be surprised to find out how many damaging things we are doing to our pipes. Which overtime can lead to a plumbing disaster. 

Atlanta Plumbing Leaks; What's The Worst Thing For Water Pipes? - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(24)Ignoring the signs 

The absolute worst thing you can do is to ignore the signs of a water leak. Ignoring the signs only leads to one thing, higher restorative costs later. A quick response means you can mitigate the extent of repairs and reduce repair costs. 

Using chemical cleaners 

Drain cleaners can easily damage pipes and end up causing pinhole leaks. The chemicals, pressurized, foaming action, and toxics break down everything, even the inside of your pipes. Eating away little by little, until you have a big problem. 

DIY repairs

Taking on some plumbing problems yourself, maybe doable, but locating a water leak somewhere in your home is another thing. Breaking into walls and floors without knowing the location of the source, can be costly and time consuming. 

Aging and corroded water pipes

Pipes don't last forever, over time they break down and corrode.  Often times this occurs in obscure places such as under floors, between walls or in the pipes in the ceiling, this is also where the most damage can occur. An inspection by a professional leak detection service is worth the investment.

Slab Leaks are among the most dangerous water intrusions

Plumbing pipes running under the concrete foundation of your home or business are  susceptible to leaking because of the soil shifting. This typically happens during the rainy season. Just a small pinhole leak can become a serious issue, causing the entire foundation to shift. 

Detecting water leaks and corroded pipes need to be a high priority. Non-destructive water leak detection is what the Leak Doctor is known for. We offer Infrared Thermography, the most renowned and accurate leak detection method today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. 

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