Are Your Central Florida Plumbing/Water Pipes Corroding From The Inside Out?

How do you know if your Central Florida plumbing pipes are corroding from the inside out? From the kitchen and bathroom faucets, laundry, toilets, to the drains, the pipes are almost constantly being used. No matter how old your house is, corrosion can occur and end up costing you money in repairs and high water bills.

It is important to be vigilant and identify worn out plumbing pipes early.  Over time, pipes break down and can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Especially if you have an older home.

Stay Proactive and Look For These Signs

Annual inspection of your plumbing can catch undetected water leaks before they cause damage. Be on the look out for unexplained moisture or brown stains on the ceiling or walls. Mold is another culprit of a hidden leak, high moisture can cause serious health problems and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Check the Color of Your Water

Are Your Central Florida Plumbing/Water Pipes Corroding From The Inside Out? - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - ThinkstockPhotos-499909439The next time you turn on the tap water, fill a clear glass and take a good look at what color the water. Also, check the water in the bathrooms and laundry room. If you notice a yellowish tint or even a brown hue, this is a good indication your pipes are having a problem.

Dripping Faucets

If you turn the faucet or shower off and water is still dripping, don't ignore it, get it fixed!  Just a small drip can add up to a lot of water.

High Water Bills

If you notice your water bill is higher than usual or slowly rising every month, it is important to investigate the problem. Repairing the pipe can end up saving you a ton of money later.

Your Best Defense Against Corroded Pipes

Pipes don't last forever, over time they break down and corrode.  Often times this occurs in obscure places such as under floors, between walls or in the pipes in the ceiling, this is also where the most damage can occur. An inspection by a professional leak detection service is worth the investment.

Detecting corroded pipes need to be a high priority. Non-destructive water leak detection is what the Leak Doctor is known for. We offer Infrared Thermography, the most renowned and accurate leak detection method today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. 

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