What Causes Central Florida Plumbing Pipes to Leak?

Plumbing leaks can be a huge headache for Central Florida residents. How you handle the leak can make a huge difference in repair costs. Which is why it is important to understand a few things about them. 

The Most Common Reasons Why Water Pipes Leak


What Causes Central Florida Plumbing Pipes to Leak? - Water Leak Detection Blog - Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - pipesCorroding pipes have become a big problem in our community. Between the minerals and chemicals commonly found in the water build up and cause pinhole leaks. This combined with the oxygen content, pH level, and velocity, corrosion is just a matter of time.

The Daily Herald explains, “Unfortunately, pinhole leaks in copper pipes typically occur in places where they are not observed until there has been significant water damage and mold infection. Plumbers have varying explanations for these leaks, but several causes are widely recognized within the industry. The three most common of these are chloramines in municipal water systems, particles of corrosion from aging water heaters, and high water pressure inside the pipes.”


Typically cracks happen in older pipes, from the soil shifting, poor installation, weather, excessive pressure, and even trees. When just a small amount of water leaks out every day, it won’t take long to cause a significant problem. 

Excess Pressure 

Who doesn’t love a great shower, but all that water pressure can eventually spring a leak. True, pipes care designed to take a lot of pressure, but over time the age and get weaker. 

Know the Signs of a Water Leak

A drop in water pressure. If the water just isn’t coming out of the faucet like it used to, you may have a leak.

Water stains on the floors, ceiling, or walls. Look for any signs of moisture, it could be discoloration, mold, or even warping. 

A water bill that is higher than normal.  It can be difficult to notice a change in the water bill. Go on-line and compare this months bill with one a few months ago or even this time last year.  Or compare yours with someone in the neighborhood.

If you suspect a water leak, but can't find the source, get help from a professional. The Leak Doctor is just a phone call away! 

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