Suspect a Water Leak in Your Central Florida Home or Business?

Suspect a Water Leak in Your Central Florida Home or Business? - Leak Detection Blog | Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - ThinkstockPhotos-72984072Suspect a water leak in your Orlando home or business?  You may have noticed a higher than normal water bill, a drop in water pressure, discolored or odd tasting water, spots on the walls or ceiling, warm spots on the floor, mold, or wet areas in the yard when it hasn't been raining. 

Water leaks can cause contaminated drinking water and structural damage to your home.

Unfortunately, many leaks are concealed under a concrete slab, behind walls, or under the old oak tree in the front yard. 

There are many reasons why water pipes in Central Florida leak. 

Over time pipes age and the joints connecting pipes are weakened and eventually give way under high water pressure.

Pipes corrode from chemicals in the water, mineral deposits and acidity in the soil, creating pinhole leaks.

Tree roots are a big problem in Florida, the roots grow searching for water where they can find it. Unfortunately, many times it is within pipes, breaking them and eventually blocking them.

If there is a sudden surge of water or the water pressure is too high, the pipes may give way to burst at the joints.

The extreme weather changes this year can wreak havoc on pipes. The cold nights and warm days can cause pipes to expand and create pin hole leaks.

The damage can also be man-made, when contractors, home owners or water crews dig without knowing where the pipes are located, causing pipes to crack and leak.

Damaged pipes can be difficult to locate because they are buried underground, run under concrete slabs, under floors and behind walls.

That's why the Leak Doctor uses the latest electronic equipment to locate leaks without digging up your yard, treating down walls or tunneling under the floor.

It's essential to promptly contact a professional leak detection company before damage becomes costly.

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Central Florida Water and Plumbing Leak Detection

Home and business owners in the Orlando area have a lot to think about, theft, fire, and weather damage, are just a few. The big threat luring on their property is easily overlooked, water leaks! Water enters our home through pipes and flows...

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