Leak Doctor Helping Atlanta & Orlando During COVID-19

The Leak Doctor is available to support your needs relating to water problems in your homes.   As a past customer, we appreciate your business and hope you and your family are well and doing well..

We just wanted to let you know more about what we do and how we are adjusting to the COVID19 pandemic to ensure your safety and that of our technicians.


Leak Doctor Helping Atlanta & Orlando During COVID-19 - Water Leak Detection Blog - Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - help-4955863_1920Plumbing supply (hot and cold water)
Underneath the concrete slabs
Sewer drain systems using camera inspection
Sewer drain cleaning of clogs using hydro-jetters and augers, snakes.
Structural such as micro-cracking in stucco, around windows, doors, etc
Roofs with attic inspections
Swimming pools, spas, fountains 
irrigation systems 
AC related water and so much more

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We are an Essential Service Business (Florida plumbing license CFC1426061) as recognized by many Federal, States, Counties and local governments to help provide leak detection and plumbing repairs to maintain clean drinking water and sanitary systems. 

Thus we will be here to ensure home owners can maintain hygiene by washing their hands, their toilets work properly, they can take a bath along with having clean drinking water to maintain their health and laundry to sanitize their clothes.

We are operating in accordance with CDC Guidelines for sanitation and cleaning of vans & facilities, wiping down customer's home before we leave, keeping 6 feet safe distance, utilizing P.P.E. (including booties, gloves (2 pairs), safety glasses, coveralls,etc)and we will continue to support you and your policy holders as the need arises. 



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The Leak Doctor can find your leak and fix it fast!
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