Do You Need a Plumber or Water Leak Specialist?

When you think of a plumbing or water leak, most people tend to have an image of water gushing out of a pipe below the sink or an overflowing toilet. But unfortunately, that isn’t the typical water leak. Most often than not, they happen behind the scenes. 

Pinhole leaks happen without warning and hidden from view, behind walls and bathtubs, under concrete slabs and flooring. The consequences of a small pinhole leak can be monumental. 

What is a pinhole water leak?

Do You Need a Plumber or Water Leak Specialist? - Water Leak Detection Blog - Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 2(4)Pinhole leaks can occur for many reasons, more often than not, they are from ‘pitted corrosion’. These very slow leaks happen because corrosion from inside the pipe gets bad enough until it finally breaks through to the outside. These slow drips may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause significant damage. 

Introducing moisture behind your walls means the wood will start to rot, mold to grow, and waste a lot of water. All this ends up affecting your wallet, especially if left for any amount of time. 

Did you know home and business owners are responsible for checking their pipes and plumbing for leaks?  I’m sure your property’s insurance company does. If a water leak is allowed to continue it is considered a lack of maintenance,  even if it is behind a wall where the homeowner can’t see it. Which means the cost of the damages are the homeowner's responsibility.

Detecting corroded pipes need to be a high priority. Non-destructive water leak detection is what the Leak Doctor is known for. We offer Infrared Thermography, the most renowned and accurate leak detection method today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. 

Check back with the Leak Doctor next week to detect the signs of a hidden water leak and stay proactive. 

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