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When a plumbing pipe springs a leak behind a wall, there are a number of different signs. Missing or ignoring them can end up hurting your wallet, and also your health. There are a number of different signs to look for. 

Central Florida Water/Plumbing Leak Detection Specialist - Water Leak Detection Blog - Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - 1(24)The appearance of your walls 

Your walls may look different, such as discolored, stained, or warped. Paint may start to blister and wallpaper may start to peel away from the wall. Cracked or loose tiles.  Another indication is mold where there shouldn’t be any. 

Unusual puddles 

The water from a leak has to go somewhere, look for any puddles or water where there shouldn’t be any. Wet carpet or warped floors. Warm areas on the floor is an indication of a slab leak. 

Unusual sounds

If all the water in the home is turned off, you should hear the sound of water running or dripping. It just takes a pinhole leak to cause thousands of dollars in damages. 

Odd odors 

A musty or moldy smell usually indicates a water leak. If you smell something that isn’t right, don’t ignore it, investigate further. 

Higher than normal utility bill

If you get a utility that is higher than previous bills, it is time to look and listen for a water leak behind your walls. It may seem like just a few extra dollars in your water bill, but the damage taking place can add up to a lot more!

Locating the elusive water leak 

Detecting the source of the water leak isn't always apparent. Check all exposed plumbing inside and outside the home. This includes, under bathroom and kitchen sinks, the hot water heater, washing machine, refrigerator, and outside hoses. You may also want to check the outside water meter.  Turn everything that uses water in the home off, then check the water meter outside, it should not be registering. 

if you can't find the water leak 

Breaking into walls is not only messy, it ends up costing a small fortune in repairs. Instead, contact the Leak Doctor.  We have advanced technology, including frequency sensitive computers, specialized listening equipment, ground probes and other state-of-the-art electronic devices to find a water leak without destruction.  We have cost-effective ways to find the source of your leak and quickly fix it.

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