Affordable Orlando Plumbing & Water Leak Detection and Repairs

The Orlando Leak Doctor has the latest technology the state of the art equipment to locate the smallest water leak, even those that haven't happened yet. Saving you money in damages and reducing any disruption.

Affordable Orlando Plumbing & Water Leak Detection and Repairs - Water Leak Detection Blog - Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - ThinkstockPhotos-73271468-2(1)Whether your water leak is in a residential or commercial building, our advanced leak detection equipment can pinpoint the smallest of leaks, even when it is buried under a concrete slab. To locate a slab leak it is typical to tear up the floor, but by drastically narrowing down the area, we can accurately and quickly detect the leak to keep your cost down.

With the latest infrared thermal imaging our professional technicians locate the water intrusions by following the thermal mark water levels on surfaces. This means we won't have to cut into ceilings, floors, or walls, no ripping up expensive hardwood tile.

Our extensive report will show exactly where the issues are and pinpoint the damage to save you time and money.

Previous Repairs

Our infrared thermal imaging can also detect if previous repairs have any remediation issues or if they are still causing problems. Documenting any problems and communicating all the findings with the insurance company.

There are many reasons why water damage occurs, from old pipes, poor workmanship, inferior materials to the environment. No matter why or where the water intrusion may be lurking the Leak Doctor can help.

You want someone to come find and repair the leaking pipe as soon as possible, but you don’t want it to cost a small fortune.

If you are looking for the easiest and most affordable solution, call the Leak Doctor.  We not only have the latest water leak detection equipment, which keeps our services affordable, we have earned our reputation as an honest and reliable water management business in Central Florida. 

Contact the Leak Doctor for an appointment today.

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The Leak Doctor can find your leak and fix it fast!
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