How to Avoid Flood Damage From Plumbing Leaks in Orlando

How to Avoid Flood Damage From Plumbing Leaks in Orlando - Water Leak Detection Blog - Orlando, Florida | Leak Doctor - leak-300x225If you’re planning on going out of town for this summer, make sure you don’t come home to water damage from busted pipe or even just a pinhole water leak.

One of the costliest disasters affecting homes in the United States is water damage and plumbing leaks. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, just 1 inch of standing water in a 1,000 square foot home can cost the owner more than $10,000 dollars in damages. With just a 1/8 inch crack in a water pipe releasing over 250 gallons of water a day, the damages add up fast.

Even if you’re leaving your home for just a couple of days, take some preventable steps.

Step 1

Since most pipes are behind walls, under the foundation or below the ground, they are not visible. A professional leak detection company can give you peace of mind; they can detect a water leak before it causes any damage.

Step 2

Before you leave, check your home for any leaks, check the pipes under the sink for any rust or cracks.

Step 3

Check all the major appliances with hose connections, such as the dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator ice makers, for any kinks or damage.

Step 4

Ask someone you trust to periodically check your home while you’re gone, just make sure they know where the water main is located.


When it comes to plumbing systems, prevention is always the best plan. Water leaks aren’t usually noticed until the damage is already done. Maintenance is always less than expensive and easier than the alternative. Our goal at the Leak Doctor is to locate your water leak, minimize the damage to your home or business and save you money.

A leak detection service can be necessary to identify leaks that are difficult to locate, such as pipes encased in concrete or underground. Locating leaks were traditionally costly and very destructive, but the Leak Doctor uses non-invasive advanced electronic equipment. Our vehicles are equipped with several different types of advanced equipment and sophisticated listening devices not only reduces the cost of locating leaks, the process can also find the cause of the leak. As the premier leak detection company in Central Florida, we are capable of resolving any type of leak problem.

Contact the Leak Doctor today for an appointment or any questions or concerns.

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